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About us

OBCS History

Oman breast cancer association

The high incidence of cancer is something that all countries of the world are witnessing, and the least that can be described as misfortune, if we fail to take the necessary measures about it, which is our duty, then the matter will inevitably turn into a disaster.


Turn around the 80% of locally advanced breast cancer in Oman to early breast cancer by 2025

OBCS Goals

promote public awareness about breast cancer

conduct breast cancer campaign about prevention, early detection, treatment, and psychological support

promoting scientific research and increase awareness about breast diseases

Disseminate information nationwide on methods of prevention , diagnosing and treating breast cancer

Setting up of study programs and specialization courses in field of breast cancer

Making proposals to National Health Authorities that aim to reducing the incidence of breast cancer and deaths due to breast cancer.

Providing adequate information to all patients.

Providing a level of care that matches the approved standards with international instructions


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